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Integrating software and websites with any kind of CRMs and AMSs. Such as Salesforce, IMIS and many others


Integration Merits.

CRM integration with your website gives you the benefit of improving the customer experience. Since your CRM maintained real-time information about your customers, it gives you more confidence to talk to customers about their needs.

if you are either exporting data from your website and importing it into the CRM, or manually copying and pasting any data from your website to the CRM, or even worse, not to collect the data from your CRM at all. By choosing an automated website integration with a CRM, you can reduce administrative overhead, resulting in money and time savings as it eliminates all manual task performance.
Another benefit of CRM integration with your website (or other contact point systems) is that you get one single valid data source on each customer contact. In addition, there are no manual human check and balance elements in adding the data; thus, there are fewer chances of errors or redundant records created.

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